TOEFL Programme

TOEFL Programme

TOEFL means Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is the most widely recognised and accepted English Language test in the world. TOEFL is an important requirement to meet in order to study in an English-speaking country. TOEFL measures your ability to use and understand English at the university level. This is done by evaluating your reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

People Who Can Take The TOEFL Test.

TOEFL test has been taken by more than 30 million people from all over the world. This is in order to demonstrate their English language proficiency. People who usually take the TOEFL test are:
� Students who want to study at higher education institutions in order to obtain bachelors, masters or doctorate degrees.
� Candidates applying for scholarships in English-speaking countries.
� English language learners who just want to measure their progress.

Institutions That Accept TOEFL Scores

TOEFL is widely accepted by colleges, universities, and other organizations like immigration departments to issue residential and work visas, medical and licensing agencies use them for professional certification purposes. It is recognised by more than 10,000 institutions in more than 130 countries. This includes and is not limited to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia. For more information on institutions that accept TOEFL, click here

Where To Take the TOEFL test

There are various authorised test centres around the world where people can register and take the TOEFL test. All you need to do is find the available test centres nearest to you after creating your TOEFL iBT account here
One can take the TOEFL test as many times as possible but not more than once in a 12-day period. If you already have a test appointment, you cannot register for another test date that is within 12 days of your existing appointment. Failure to adhere to these rules can cause your test appointment to be cancelled without refund of your test fee. If not identified until after scores have been reported, your scores will be cancelled and your fee will not be refunded.

Cost of the TOEFL iBT Test

The price of TOEFL iBT test varies according to location. To get information about test dates and pricing for your location, select your location here

TOEFL scores

The total obtainable score of the TOEFL test is 120, with each section (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) carrying 30 marks each. You must answer at least 1 question each in the Reading and Listening sections, write at least 1 essay and complete at least 1 speaking task to receive an official score. The score report also usually includes a performance feedback that is a reflection of your performance level. Institutions and agencies usually set their own score requirements so there is no pass or fail score. Please note that TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years after the test date. ETS uses both human raters and automated scoring methods. By combining both, human judgment and automated scoring ensure quality scores.
Mode of Delivery: there are two modes of delivery of the TOEFL test
The TOEFL internet-based test (iBT test)
The paper -delivered test: The TOEFL test may be paper-based but is currently being revised. The revised TOEFL paper-delivered test which is more closely aligned to the iBT test will be launched on October 14th, 2017.

All About the Test Day

� The entire TOEFL iBT test session is approximately 4 1/2 hours. The test is 4 hours while check-in time is 30 minutes.
� Identification documents are the only personal items allowed in the test room. Phones, watches or any other electronic devices are not allowed. You will be given noise-cancelling headphones with a microphone that you will speak into for the speaking section of the test.
� There is a mandatory 10-minute break after the Reading and Listening sections of the test have been completed.

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